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1. Collection and use of information

(1) For the purpose of providing you with the service, improving the performance and appearance of software and recommending new functions/products through creating the account, identifying the user and replying the inquiry and mail, SK Company will ask you to provide the personal information (including but not limited to your name, telephone number and e-mail) and collect other information in relation to you (including but not limited to the equipment information, log information, position information and other similar feature records).

(2) The user experience improvement plan of SK Company is based on the statistics of service data to diagnose the system problem and optimize the product experience to finally provide the customer with data and information generated from better products (including official website, intelligent software system, various systems accessed by public account, and all official applications and other settings). We will only collect the overall service data of all the users in the user experience improvement plan but will not record or upload any content involving your personal information. The content of statistics aforementioned includes but not limited to the visit volume, click rate and configuration. The scope of statistics will change along with the subsequent update of SK Company’s product, and your downloading/installation/use of the subsequent version of SK Company’s product will be deemed as you agree with relevant change.

(3) SK Company may combine the information you submit through your own account with other service of SK Company or the information of any third party to provide you with better experience and improve the service quality of SK Company.

(4) The product and service of SK Company may contain the link or information of any product and/or service of any third party. If you fill your personal information on any other platform or submit/release it through any third party program, the other party may acquire your information. Such third party application may contain corresponding privacy policy, which shall be checked and considered carefully before you provide your personal information. This privacy policy does not apply to the collection of your information by the third party. SK Company is unable to control the behavior of any third party, so SK Company is not responsible for any collection or use of your information by any third party.

(5) SK Company will collect and use your information according to relevant laws and rules, as well as this privacy policy. Unless holding the authorization document officially issued by SK Company, no staff of SK Company will ask you directly for your personal information. In case of this circumstance, you may contact with SK Company directly.


2. Disclosure of information

(1) Unless required by any law, rule, regulation or government sector, or otherwise specified in this privacy policy, SK Company will keep you information properly against any disclosure.

(2) You should hereby authorize SK Company to disclose your information to any third party without obtaining your consent in circumstances below:

(a) SK Company discloses such information for the purpose of identifying, communicating or bringing the lawsuit against any behavior that may damage any right, property or website user of SK Company or any other (including any right or property of any other);

(b) SK Company provides the personal information to any affiliate of SK Company or any other enterprise or individual in cooperation with SK Company for the purpose of deputizing/assisting SK Company in processing such information. SK Company requires those receivers mentioned above to process such information according to the regulation and this privacy policy of SK Company, as well as relevant laws and rules.


3. Security of information

(1) SK Company will endeavor reasonable efforts to protect your information security, but you should acknowledge that SK Company is unable to completely eliminate any risk in relation to the security of the personal information (especially when SK Company encounters any uncontrollable circumstance, such as force majeure or any cause of the third party), therefore, notwithstanding any exemption specified in this policy, SK Company will still take appropriate and reasonable measures (including but not limited to the internal survey, report and notification to the enforcement institution, and cooperating with the enforcement institution) when it becomes aware of any damage of the security of the data it acquires and stores, or any disclosure of the confidential information of the user to any irrelevant third party due to any external behavior (including but not limited to the external security attack). Besides, SK Company will take legal and reasonable measures when it thinks appropriate to inform the relevant user of the disclosed information and the extent of SK Company’s awareness of such information.

(2) You should protect the security of your personal information, such as avoid disclosing your personal password.

(3) SK Company will take necessary measures to keep the internal staff from acquiring/utilizing/disclosing your information without authorization.

4. Collection and use of information of minors

(1) SK Company requires the minor to use the product or service of SK Company under the license and direction from his/her legal guardian.

(2) If you are a minor, please obtain the consent from your legal guardian before providing your personal information.


5. Revision of this privacy policy

Although the standard to which SK Company shall adhere with respect to the protection of privacy is specified in this privacy policy, such standard may be revised. In case of any revision, SK Company will inform you of the content and effectiveness date of such revision in a manner SK Company thinks fit before issuing the revised version.