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In SK, we believe that everyone is important to our team. Regardless whether you are the general manager or belong to cleaning personnel. Your value is indispensable and can not be replaced. Only each person does his job well can the company run smoothly to achieve the goal.

We advocate the bamboo spirit : bamboo grows 75px long through 4 years; from the fifth year, grows 15 meters only during six weeks. Stand alone for a long time, insist their ideal under countless storm, indomitable, always observe changes in the outside world, thanksgiving the rain, only for sunshine in the heart, bury the roots deeply and go forward!

Serious、 fast、commitment, and never make excuses are our attitudes and goals!

We provide a broad space for development, and welfare are constantly improving. The specific include:

1.Training and development

We are in a fast changing new economy environment. Keep our leading position in the industry only by studying constantly. Our company has been working hard to build a training system for employee development and enterprise growth.

In-service training: internal trainers, weekly professional R & D team knowledge sharing; sales team case analysis; professional training for the production provided from international first-class company.

The general manager as the chief planner and trainer of the company, provides training and sharing at every quarterly meetings.


2. Constantly improved remuneration and welfare

Pension insurance, unemployment insurance and housing accumulation fund required by laws and rules of China, and:

Salary of the 13th month, annual physical examination, annual touring, birthday present, irregular team activity, on-the-job training and work shift, high-temperature cold drink, marriage present, communication allowance, paid vacation, free work uniform and free work lunch.

3. Open and interactive communication and exchange mechanism

As a rapid-developing technical enterprise, we respect our staff and knowledge, advocate the team cooperation, and is devoted to the creation of an open, transparent, fair and just enterprise culture.